Ducted Heating

A new ducted heating system is a long-term investment therefore it is crucial that you ensure the components used to determine what system best suits your requirements is used.

Ducted Systems

Ducted heating is without a doubt the most efficient way to heat your home. Gas ducted heating is a central heating system designed to heat your entire home. A furnace fuelled by either natural or LPG gas.

Air is drawn from inside your home into a return location where it is passed over a heat exchanger and then distributed through duct to outlets (either floor or ceiling) to give you warm gentle air.

Ducted central heating offers the flexibility of zoning. Zoning enables you to divide your home into sections, so living areas can be separated from sleeping areas. During the day you have the flexibility of running your system only in the living area and then switching over to the sleeping quarters at night time. This therefore can reduce your gas bill.

Your central heating system will be designed professionally to suit your home.
All installations are performed by our qualified tradesmen using only ductwork to Australian standards and backed by a performance guarantee.